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In short, marriage in China is about one thing and one thing only: money.Now, this might shock some and there will always be Chinese people trying to put their foot down and saying that it’s not like that, but the fact of the matter is that it is.As a person who has pretty much exclusively dated people who are not American, I always find international couples interesting.Most of my male friends in China have dated or are currently dating a Chinese girl, and while a few have developed serious relationships, most find the cultural differences too taxing to invest in a committed long-term relationship.Spend a few weeks in China and you’ll undoubtably notice that there is a very large amount of white males dating asian females.While the reverse does exist (just check out Ruth at China Elevator Stories), it is a rare sighting.Don’t feel surprised if upon visiting your Chinese in-laws for the first time, you find yourself feeling like you are in the middle of a business negotiation with your girlfriend’s mother.Interesting enough, I have found that during such “negotiations“ the father remains quiet or prepares some tea.

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Marriage is different in every culture, and each society has a completely different set of expectations.

If I had to summarize all types of Chinese women into a single type, then I would dare say that there is only one type of Chinese woman: The one who is looking for marriage.

No matter how liberal they are or how sexy they dress or how modern they seem to be, you can be sure that in the end of the day they are always aiming for a long-term relationship. Ever since they were small they have been prepared for this moment.

Due to their wish to preserve their relationship with you, they might sometimes fail to point out what marriage is really like in their culture.

So if you are looking to get hitched in the Middle Kingdom, here is a heads up for you.

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