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Preselection is the process by which a candidate is selected, usually by a political party, to contest an election for political office. In countries that adopt Westminster-style responsible government, preselection is also the first step on the path to a position in the executive.

The preselection process may involve the party's executive or leader selecting a candidate or by some contested process.

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This may include examination of issues such as personal character or internal party issues, and lead to candidates being eliminated.Preselection may take place by a system of voting by the selectors (examples include United States primaries and most major Australian political party preselections), or there may be a system of appointment, such as through decision by a selection committee.Some preselections are governed by additional rules that may serve to ensure a particular composition amongst candidates as a whole, or to facilitate other party objectives such as decentralisation of decision-making.These involved a two step process of a preselection ballot or plebiscite of party members and affiliated trade unionists in the electorate being contested, and endorsement, which was normally a formality, by the state executive.The ALP, as well as in some states the Liberal Party, now uses a system in which votes in the plebiscite are combined with votes from delegates selected by the party organisation.

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